Encounter with Place

After a long period of winter slumber and inner contemplation (which is still continuing), this is the first work of a series of perceptions that will investigate intuitive encounters of places. I am taking the work and exercises of Marko Pogacnik, who is an Artist and Geomancer,(http://www.markopogacnik.com) as a starting point to engage with any… Continue reading Encounter with Place

Meeting the Being of a Living Building

A work of Organic Architecture in Ivy, Ontario. Client: Werner and Linda Fabian Architect: Aron Fabian Builders: Aron Fabian, Kevin and Kodie Walker, Lucas Black, Sean Saunders, Mike Henry and others.   On Saturday, September 30th, 2017 friends and family gathered in the garden of Dr.Werner (an anthroposophic doctor) and Linda Fabian’s home in a… Continue reading Meeting the Being of a Living Building