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Meeting the Being of a Living Building

A work of Organic Architecture in Ivy, Ontario.

Client: Werner and Linda Fabian

Architect: Aron Fabian

Builders: Aron Fabian, Kevin and Kodie Walker, Lucas Black, Sean Saunders, Mike Henry and others.


On Saturday, September 30th, 2017 friends and family gathered in the garden of Dr.Werner (an anthroposophic doctor) and Linda Fabian’s home in a tiny town called Ivy to see the completion of the new addition to their home which was built in the late 1800’s. The addition will be used as a living / sun room / music room with a view to the back garden.

This project is truly a new work of architecture for Ontario or maybe even all of Canada! Nothing quite like it has been built here. I feel that this building is an expression of the beginnings of a very new consciousness and impulse in architecture. It is an impulse that is about creating architecture that speaks to the deeper and truer aspects/ needs of the human being and the world.  It is an example of how architecture – when practiced in a holistic way through listening and tuning into the needs of people and the energies of the place – can become a Living Being that has the capacity to heal and awaken people and the life forms of the land….raising them to their higher potential.

In another way, this building is just simply a pure work of Art that has come to Life. Aren’t true works of art what humanity needs more of?  Through all the love and care and conscious thought that was put into its design and construction, its walls now vibrate with a living quality. Almost as if it has its own skin. Its own flowing blood. And, the Love aspect. Yes. The LOVE. The element that is so often lacking in today’s architecture, is so present here and radiates its warm rays out into the garden.

This building has movement and yet it is grounded. Each of its facades look different and yet they are all a metamorphosis of one another and are together Whole. This new addition is totally different from the original house and yet you can see that its forms have grown out of the existing home. It belongs there and yet it gives us a taste of a new world.

The following is a collection of photographs from the open house day. I hope that these photographs capture the spirit of the event and the architecture.


For me the experience of the architecture was so much about the people.  Seeing how the people gathered, watched, wandered about this building. Observing their reactions, their movements and how they listened to the architect speak with such curiosity and excitement. They were so interested in how this complex structure got built. Listening to the builders speak with such joy and enthusiasm about how they built the complex roof structure or how they figured out a way to heat up (over a barbecue!) and bend each roof shingle to fit the curves of the roof. Watching how the owner of the project showed a photo album of the whole construction story to his visitors with such pride and joy. Each corner, each detail had a special meaning, a special story to all who was involved in the project.







20170930_151904 (1)


As people encountered this building, I watched many faces open and light up. I could also feel that the building itself was in a similar mood. Its almost as if the building was waiting for this moment for so long. A bit shy, but so full of joy that people have come to meet it! Its almost as if the people were speaking with the building and the building was speaking with the people. At that moment I strongly felt that this building is really a living being and has awakened or activated the life forces of the site. Even the willow trees you see in the background and the fruit trees in the garden were present and engaged in what was going on. The colors of the flowers were more intense. The light, the sun, the whole place was shining. Children were running in and out and around the building.  The site was vibrating at a strong and harmonious frequency.













I hope to see and experience more and more architecture like this in the world!


Here is a list of some of the materials used in the project:

– Wood chip, portland cement foundation blocks
– Standard dimension lumber framing
– Recycled cotton insulation
– Additional wood fibreboard insulation
– 10% vapour permeable vapour barrier
– Exterior finished with lime stucco
– Interior, lime plaster render over gypsum board
– Some interior walls lasured with plant pigments in a casein binder
– Clay floor, mix of marble and silica sand, kaolin clay and hemp fibre
– Tadelakt, fine lime plaster shower walls
– Doors, bookshelves, furniture waxed with mix of linseed oil and beeswax
– Non-toxic paints and harwood floor treatment
– Roof shakes made from recycled tires, plastic bottles and wood chips
– Douglas fir soffit and facea, treated with plant based oils






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