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I Am

Aisha with her son and the building/ client team of a straw bale house project in Turkey

I am Aisha Melodie Hassan. I am an Artist, Architect and Healer that holds a vision to bring about a new level of awareness and beauty to our world by weaving in the Spirit of The New Holistic Consciousness into every aspect of the work I create. I work in a multi-disciplinary intuitive way that synthesizes my knowledge, skills and experience in Organic Architecture, Esoteric Research, Geomancy, Alchemical Healing, Anthroposophy and Art. I am a Licensed Architect in Turkey (TMMOB Mim.) who holds a Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo, School of Architecture in Canada, with over 17 years of design and construction experience in Canada, Germany, Turkey and Switzerland on a wide range of projects including large and small scale residential, urban design, mixed-use, cultural, educational and institutional buildings. In addition to my architectural practice, I have a number of years experience teaching as an adjunct professor at the Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Architecture in Turkey.

My training and on-going studies in yoga, meditation, alchemical healing, geomancy (study of earth energies and subtle phenomenon), anthroposophic and organic architecture, natural building techniques inform and inspire my architectural design, artwork and earth healing work. This body of research and practices are an essential aspect of my intuitive design process that aims to bring life-filled inspiring projects to people’s lives.

The Living Locus is an independent design studio that offers a holistic, intuitive and collaborative approach to architectural design. The studio is a creative vessel for making architecture that has the power to not only heal but awaken ourselves and all the beings of our environments by tuning into the spirit of place/ the site, the client and their needs, and what the function wants to express in form (In other words: How does the Being or Essence of the functional needs want to express itself in form?).

The studio offers a range of architectural design services from group visioning sessions, conceptual/ schematic design of any scale of project to permit and construction drawings for residential, commercial and small building uses. The magic of team work and collaboration is key and the studio is a place where many members of the community, whether they are homeowners, business entrepeneurs, development investors, artists, builders, can come together to envision and manifest innovative, holistic and beautiful spaces for our living environments on Earth.