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The word ‘Inner-Vation’ was gifted to me by a friend who, through an act of deep listening, was able to see my essence and my life purpose.

For me, ‘inner-vation’ embodies the architectural design process that I am bringing into form (this new way of designing is a living pattern that is in constant development and transformation). I see that this new design process is about merging ancient wisdom with the future consciousness. Imagine 2 points – one in the past and one in the future coming towards each other and meeting in sacred union in the present moment – where all is possible. We hold within our system the codes for these 2 points and we are the bridges between these two worlds. You could also add a vertical dimension to this picture, with 2 points adjoining vertically – one in the Cosmos and the other rooted in Earth. That was the ultimate goal of the temple builders, to embody the union of Heaven and Earth in form. Architecture and form also bridge these worlds; bridging the wisdom of Sky & Stars with the wisdom of the Earth. How can we express and embody the bridge in form? In space? In the environments that we create for ourselves?

The spirit of the group awakens the spirit of the land and out of this union architecture arises

As an architect, I see inner-vation as an opportunity to have an enriching conversation with Nature, to experience a place/ space on a deeper level. An experience that requires one to go inward to receive a whole picture of the life forces on the land, within ourselves and within the magnificient potential of design. Out of an inner experiencing of the land, a new world opens up. One where the nature spirits and other subtle energies in cooperation with our true sparkling essence, become significant members of the design team.